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— Business Opportunities in the Karen State of Burma —

The Karen territory in eastern Burma, Kawthoolei, is open for business. Kawthoolei offers great investment opportunities in mining, agriculture, and tourism. In the future, given that it borders Thailand, it could serve as a manufacturing base to supply the growing Thai market. Famed investor Jim Rogers says, “If you can find ways to invest in Myanmar, you will be very, very rich over the next 20, 30, 40 years.” Karen Enterprises is open to proposals or offers from companies or individuals who would like to do business in this rich and untapped region. Please click the contact page for more information.

Karen State
Kawthoolei Agriculture

— Agriculture and Forestry —

Agriculture and forestry in the Karen area can be developed into major businesses. The Karen cultivate maze for sale to the Thai market. The tens of thousands of hectares of cornfields can be converted into more profitable rubber and coffee plantations. Karen Enterprises will establish a 2,000 tree rubber plantation in March 2015, the rubber trees will take five years to mature and rubber production will begin in 2020. JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), an aid agency under the Japanese government, has big plans to develop rubber plantations in the Karen State to assist in the resettlement of refugees.

The Karen area is home to many types of valuable jungle hardwoods such as teak, padauk, and ironwood. But unrestrained logging has severely depleted forests. Therefore, the reforestation and the establishment of tree farms is essential to the revival of this important industry.

Karen woodworkers fashion padauk into table tops for sale to Thailand
Teak is fashioned into doors for sale to buyers in Thailand
Teak is fashioned into doors for sale to buyers in Thailand
The Karen area has great potential for tourism given its amazing scenery and proximity to Thailand.

— Tourism —

The Karen area has great potential for tourism given its amazing scenery and proximity to Thailand. The Karen State is accessible from Bangkok via a short two-hour drive. The decades of conflict have kept out all tourism development, which means the territory is untouched and wide open for growth. The first tourists will be those who have the spirit of adventure because amenities are few and far between. There are no hotels at this time, but we at Karen Enterprises plan to change that.

Karen Jungle Safari Lodge and Hot Spring

Karen Enterprises is pleased to announce the official commencement of the Karen Jungle Safari Lodge and Hot Spring Project – the first of its kind in Burma. Spearheading the project is Nigel Grier of Integrative Design Project Management, a specialist engineering, design and project management business, operating globally from Singapore. Nigel brings years of experience in similar development projects both large and small. This lodge will be the first of many such tourism projects we have planned for the Karen State, an area blessed with tropical rainforests teaming with Asian wild elephant, tigers, leopards, tapirs, rhinoceros, bantengs, wild water buffalo, gaurs, green peafowl, peacocks, gibbons, and pangolin, among many other exotic creatures of the jungle.

— Mining —

The Karen area is rich in antimony, coal, gold, manganese, silver, tin, tungsten, zinc, among others. The Karen area also has diamonds and shale oil. Gold is being mined in the Baw Lu stream that flows into the Tenasserim River in southern Burma. Watch the video report here. Karen Enterprises is seeking business partnerships with mining firms that have the expertise and experience to work in challenging environments. The below images highlight the mineral resources of the Karen State.

— About Us —

Nerdah Mya

Nerdah Mya

Founder and President of Karen Enterprises

Nerdah Mya is the founder and president of Karen Enterprises. Educated in the US, he has many years of experience as a manager of development projects. He is fluent in Karen, Thai and English. He is the son of Bo Mya, the long-time leader of the Karen people. He also holds a commercial pilot license.

Nigel Grier

Nigel Grier

CEO of Karen Enterprises

Nigel is an optimist and believes that each of us can make a difference, he understands that interdisciplinary teams using integrative design can help co-create our preferred common future. He knows we don’t need too many new technologies we just need to integrate and importantly deploy what we have. To do that we need to work more collaboratively, engage broader stakeholders, get people talking to each other (early on) especially architects and engineers, step out of our comfort zone and use our collective intelligence, knowledge and wisdom to solve the wicked problems of our time. Nigel Grier is the executive director of Singapore-based IDPM PTE. LTD

Kurt Hanson

Kurt Hanson

CCO of Karen Enterprises

Kurt Hanson is the Karen Enterprises overseas representative based in Tokyo, Japan. He has been a friend of the Karen since 1992 when he worked as a freelance journalist covering the civil war in Burma. He sees the Karen area as the last frontier in Asia.

Liam Cardenas

Liam Cardenas

Liam Cardenas is the Karen Enterprises digital economy developer and will be working on blockchain, cryptocurrency and AI solutions to leapfrog the Karen economy into the 21st century.

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